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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LiL Wayne Goes out of his way to be gay.

So as I get older I start seeing a ton of stuff I dont agree with. I used to listen to Hip Hop/Rap in the age where Rappers wore baggy jeans (Not down to their knees in most cases) some pimpin kicks and Karl Kani or Jerzeys or whatever looked good. You didnt leave the house unless you were dressed to impress. Now It seems kids think if you wanna be cool you have to look gay, what I mean by that is they listen to their so called rap, drink 40's still, but shop in the girls section. They look for girls pants so they're almost skin tight making their legs look like sausage links, skin tight shirts and wear Vans? I've been over this a thousand times with other people just chatting about it. You know heres the deal. Back in the day im sure that there were some men that just despised the Hair bands for dressing with skin tight pants and crazy makeup with styled hair. But if you really think about it they pretty much made their own genre of music. Which is totally fine with me because in a big sense they distinguished themselves from a lot of other forms of Rock, Metal you name it. But this so called Hip Hop/Rap Genre arent trying to set themselves apart from 10-15 yrs ago. They're claiming "This is the new Hip Hop and how we dress and the music is the evolution of rap" So somewhere along the line Hip Hop turned into a bunch of simplistic beat making, no rap talent having, skin tight shirt/pant wearing, little girl section shopping bunch of sissy pussies that still think they're all gangsta?! Just imagine N.W.A. taking photoshoot's with the look of homosexual tension instead of the hard Gangsta look on their face, wearing brightly colored skin tight shirts and pants you only find in the girls section. One has to stop and wonder when this new generation turned so gay. Another thing is, when did rap become so simple? And these kids eat that shit up! LiL Wayne has to be one of the most worst rappers in history.....yet these kids think he's not the best but GOD! I understand that the only reason he has so much fame is the lack of choice. It makes me laugh to think that him and solja boy think they're 2 of the best of all time, because you know they do! Truth be told 2Pac and B.I.G. would have ate them the fuck up back in the day. But besides that is it really the lack of Real Rappers that contributed to Hip Hop/Rap dropping to the bottom of the barrel? Or is it that the general demographic of Hip Hop has a I.Q. Lower than 70? Comment below and let me know what you think!


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