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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Women Drivers

Let me just start this rant off by saying that I most definitely learned something out of all of this. That having Auto Insurance proved to be something that is worth having. I've always been a little against the fact they make you have Auto Insurance or they tow your car and you can go to jail. Maybe it's just the way Progressive Auto Insurance is handling my claim. Which is awesome by the way. Either or, with all the damn women drivers around having insurance nowadays is a must in my opinion! Meh....Anyhow lets get to my story.
K now I love pussy like every other guy. I love myself some big tits and curves and you got to have some booty. However I fuckin hate women.....I mean that! It's a mixture of all the emotionally unstable crap mixed with the fact they have no reason and no fuckin accountability. I've had quite a bit of financial problems with one specific woman in my life that thinks having a job means spreading her snatch, getting pregnant and collecting child support. And have also seen quite a few of my buddys go thru the phone calls where the chick lets him know she cheated on him the other night blaming it on the alcohol or the "I was passed out" bit and then has the audacity to get mad at my buddy telling him its all his fault. Ahh yes I've seen a shit ton of crap from women in that general aspect of bullshit. Luckily I have one that's a good girl! I found one that doesn't bitch too much, cool as shit and loves video games+she's sexy! Now on the other side of that I had to trade sex for all of that which sucks my fuckin nutsack a million times over but hey! At least I can stand being around her. *Sigh I guess you just cant have your cake and eat it too! Another thing I cant stand about women is their fuckin driving. I swear to fucking god where I live these women drive like complete shit. It's either a cell phone they're talking or texting on the cell phone or their just plain stupid. Which more often that not, their just plain stupid. Which bring's me to my example today. Now I'm driving along and this dumb broad decides to take a left turn out into a busy street that I just so happened to be driving by minding my own business and get fucking T-boned. And guess what?! It's a fuckin female. Some dirty blond haired chick with a nice huge ass and no tits talking about hows shes so sorry. Now let me take you back a bit. The first thing I thought even after seeing her was thanking myself for getting auto insurance just a week prior. And even that was a bitch. Every goddamn company I went thru asked a ungodly amount of money per yr. (I don't buy monthly) except Progressive Auto Insurance. Anyhow I'm thanking my lucky fuckin stars I did because they'll tow your fuckin car for not having it where I live. K now let's continue shall we. What really pissed me off about it is, upon recollection while I was driving eastbound chillin, there was a huge gap I noticed for her to make her left turn westbound on both sides of the road. Which means out of all the time she took comtemplating her turn with all the fuckin time in the world with the gap she had. She decided to take the turn when she couldnt. Which makes total fuckin sense to me cause well......she is a woman. So What insued is me bitching her out while taking quick glances at her big beautiful ass, talking to the cops and sorting shit out. Everything went my way because the guy in back of her waiting to turn as well told the cops exactly what happened which also happened to confirm my theory on how it played out. So now I'm in the midst of talking to progressive about it and have to pay a deductible but I might get a new car out of it due to the fact my frame might be bent to shit. Weill see how that goes, you never know I dont trust these damn auto insurance companies for shit. They will probably just jew me out of my money in the end. But!......you never know. So the point of my story is. Aside from probably 1 percent of women on the fuckin planet. Women are damn near good for nothing but being a damn cumbucket and whining about something. And every now and then making a goddamn sammich. Ya Ya I know some of you are reading this thinking about your fuckin mother or grandma and how nurturing they were, but thats not the way females are no more in this generation. These bitches these days can fuck up a cup of coffee ordered straight black. And you just remember this. No matter how nuturing and what a great cook they may have been............even Ol' Grandma was sucking dick back in the day at one point!


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