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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Funny Highway Incident!

Hows it going people!! Hope everybody had a Awesome Christmas! Did you get what you wanted? I kind of did. But then again I rely on only me to get myself what I want, know what I mean?! Anyways I'm sorry for not being around lately, I've been spending the holidays with the family and haven't had time to get to my blog!

But I'm back! And what I do have is a nice video relating to traveling. I've been traveling a ton on the road and have a bit of road rage going on right now. And this video most definitely would have had me pissed off until I seen what all the fuss was all about. I can honestly say I would have never expected this to be the cause of the hold up that ultimately would have made me very angry, but it would have smoothed over quick haha. I've personally never seen anything like this and oh man I wish I would have simply because it would be a story to share! After this week of traveling for me and dealing with ignorant people on the highway/freeway (whatever you want to call it) This is sort of a breath of fresh air in dealing with the world of ignorant people on the highway!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Look inside the typical Woman collecting child support.

Im browsing thru some posts last night and came across this one. This post was full of Men bashing by a bunch of women pissed off because they're no longer collecting child support. The men (from the woman) prospective are peices of shit. Most of the women at least say that most men had paid for quite many yrs. But when asked about why the men stopped paying somehow, all the women had the same response. All the Men quit because their lazy. How convienient! So I Poked the bear a little and asked if any of them had jobs. Some of them did (usually only part time) some of them went off on a self righteous rant about how good they are and how they deserve the world..blah blah. What I found was that hardly any of the women really had jobs but a ton of excuses and self righteous bullshit to say. Now when a man pokes a hornets nest like this it's funny! I had a great time! Along with child support probably 90% of these women had the whole section 8, foodstamps and in general they had all the asistance from the government they could get.

I Have gone thru this with a ex of mine and its a long story but in the end I got the shitty end of the deal.
These women, this is how this works and I'm gonna shed some light on it now.

This is the typicall situation of a women that loves to collect and mooch. A Woman get's with a dude, has unproteced sex telling him to use the pullout method, she uses this a lot because it makes her feel better that shes taking some sort of responsibility in the action. And Some just dont say anything and continue with sex. She eventually gets pregnant, and well, she typically has a bunch of family members or friends telling her to get the dude for child support even if their together because not only will she receive child support, but she will get section 8 and only have to pay around 11-30 bucks a month in rent and on top of all that, get around a grand in foodstamps. It's right about now she is rubbing her belly with $$ signs in her eyes.

There's a lot of dudes out there that would ask her to get a abortion because they already see where this is going with her. And are willing to pay for it. But this doesnt happen because after women are pregnant, the men have no say whether the Women get one or not. They just have to hope and pray it happens. Which usually it doesnt because of said $$ signs. Eventually the 2 will break up and she will take him for more money in the courts out of spite. Once the babys born she applys and gets all the assistance she wants. 11 bucks a mo in rent, around $1000.00 bucks in foodstamps, WIC and child support.
It's around now that she starts using the child as a weapon towards the dad. She also starts giving up on her dreams of ever going to college and all ambition completely goes out the window. Not because she cant, because she will still party all the time and treat her kid like shit 24/7 meaning she can and will find a baby sitter for partying but not for school. But because she can sit on her ass all the time, watch the oxygen channel, leech off the government and her baby's daddy and generally not have to lift a damn finger.

She starts getting used to going out all the time and also gets used to having free money from the daddy working. She saves a little up and goes and typically buys a really nice used Cadillac Escalade.
This goes on while the Dad continues working, occasionaly getting a raise and she takes him right back to court anytime she catches wind of him recieving said raise and gets more money. Eventually the Dad either gets fired, layed off or gets tired of working his ass off so she can pay her Cadillac payment and go out. All the while he can hardly live at this point with the money he actually makes after the child support garnishment is taken out of his check.

Then this is where it gets interesting. The Women get mad because they cant make their Escalade payment and end up losing the caddy feeling that something they rightfully earned has been stripped away from them. They start man bashing as if its the man's fault that they justified it in their mind that it was ok to let their college dreams and careers go out the window and sit on their ass for yrs because it was easier.

Next thing you know, its the mans fault that they didnt go to college, lost their dreams and didnt get a job. And this my friends is how all the man bashing starts. This makes complete sense huh?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jian Sword Dancing

Alright, lets veer away a bit from all the crazy people and story's I for some reason keep coming across. As I came across this video I couldn't help but think....Ive never seen a girl even remotely take interest in weapons let alone dance with them. That actually really cool! It's kind of corny but that's why I'm posting this video because I couldn't peel myself away from watching it. I couldn't help but notice grandma sitting back there kicking it watching her grand kids. Now this video isn't definitely the oddest that Ive come across. But It is very random lol. To be honest I usually just shut these types of video's down within the first few seconds. But I was oddly fascinated and a little hypnotized. Whats your take on it? Corny or cool?!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toddler forced into washing machine

Its just never stops. Why do I keep coming across all this crazy stuff about kids being abused? What the hell are people thinking? This poor fella, a three yr old boy was forced naked by his father into a washing machine for several minutes. All because he got in trouble at nursery school for throwing another childs drawing into the toilet. The 33 yr old father is being charged with Murder of a minor while the mother is being charged with non-assistance of a person in danger. Wow really she couldnt have just taken the child out? Her own son. After the kid was in the machine for several minutes, the mother went to a neighbors house crying holding him in her arms claiming he had fallen down some stairs. The neighbor told the newspaper, "I took him in my arms like a broken doll, I felt the last beat of his heart". This kind of shit makes me sick, I honestly do hope they hang this guy by his balls. Apparently people and family seen this coming after hearing about him being locked in cupboards for hours. I dont understand, If you dont want a kid theres always adoption. Why not just give the kid up?

Monday, December 5, 2011

He's 60 Years Old.

WOW! I came across this video today and all I can do is look at myself in the mirror now and think.....Jeez man WTH happened to you! Whats your excuse? I have absolutely none. I'm a little chubbs (well ok I'm just a dam fatty now)but used to workout just like this guy and even then I wasn't quite as big as him. I just have to wonder......Does he ever hurt? Like have arthritis or something? He doesn't look like hes hurtin much from that little clip of him working out. Anyway I probably wont do a damn thing but sit on my ass, but this video did inspire me to want to start getting back into shape. So, Whats your excuse?


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