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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Great Blue Norther

Sorry people! I've been rather busy lately and apologize for not posting in a bit. The other day I happen to come across a few facts I thought I'd share. I know there's all the theory's about the year 2012. I believe the date is Dec. 21 2012 to be exact. Then I started think about Nibiru and all the other theory's on how the world will end on or around that date. Some of the ideas behind Nibiru reminded me of this post I read. Now I know everybody would flip out if any of these events carried out on or around Dec. 2012.
Around one hundred Years ago, November 11th, 1911, "The Great Blue Norther" descended Upon America. According to one documented case, the day started off fine. There were even record high's for that time of year. Then all at once it changed. Temperatures began to drop within the space of ten minutes! Within that space of ten minutes the temperature dropped 40-50 degrees. By midnight a 66 degree temperature drop was recorded. Because of this drastic change it caused Dust storms, thunderstorms, tornado's and blizzards. In the end over 300 deaths were reported. It makes me laugh to think that if this did happen in 2012 how many Doomsday believers would come out of the wood work with their "End Times" garbage. How many more Herold Camping's would pop up with new Doom-dates of Rapture. How many more people would give up their job's, houses, and life savings for the chance to be spared. And all this because of one little change.


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