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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dues Ex vs.Gamestop

So apparently Onlive Square Enix put a coupon with the game that allowed buyers of a boxed PC copy download and play another copy of the game, for free, via OnLive's cloud based network, a $50 value. Gamestop who also has their own digital distribution platform believed this was promoting the competition. So they sent out a letter to their employees instructing them to take out the coupons upon purchase and trash them.
Now I used to buy from there, mostly pre orders and occasional used stuff. But at this point with Gamestop being so damn corporate with everything I think I will be taking my business elsewhere unless I have NO other choice, hell for that matter ill just throw my money away at Wal-Mart from now on. This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever read about. I never thought they would stoop this low. What cool about it is it's a game that I just really don't care about, however Its the principal of the matter that pisses me off. How is this even legal? How do they get away with this stuff. Where's the lawsuit? Whatever happens I hope they end up paying out a TON of money. Too bad Gamestop turned into the corporate Wal-Mart of gaming stores.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Damn thats hot!

S/O to and video courtesy of TASB1998

I seen this video the other day and couldn't help but feel the need to share it. These two really killed it! The dance is called Bachata. It is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. Basics are a three-step with a Cuban hip motion, followed by a hip tap on the 4th beat like Salsa. However these two apparently changed up the dance a little to be more sexier. However they did that they got my vote. Never been much of a dancer but this makes me want to go out and learn.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hip Hop/Rap

So as I'm siting in my car I turn on the radio which I never really listen to due to my iPod. Anyway I didn't have it today and again, flipped on the radio to my local hip hop station. And I have to say being 30 years old and knowing what Hip Hip/Rap used to be this so called rap today is complete garbage. Lil Wayne and Solja Boy as he calls himself+Drake are now the most popular dudes in rap? When did this happen? Is the intelligence level of this new generation that low? Take Lil Wayne for example, he don't even rap! He talks and most of what HE say'S don't make any sense. It's as if HE picked words that rhyme together and recites them on a track that with a obnoxious beat, and even though it doesn't make any sense, he throw's it together anyway put's it on a CD and these kiddies eat that garbage up!!! They absolutely love it! Solja Boy for another Example literally raps the same hook over and over to a simplistic drumline beat you would find from a high school marching band. His lyrics are, well listen to his lyrics they rhyme but he only uses 6 words throughout the track's entirety. Just nothing but "Hook's. Again people like this crap and make these guys rich? Ice-T really hit the nail on the head when he called out Solja boy and told him he "Single handedly killed Hip Hop" Let's discuss another popular word used these days. Hater<---really?! Everybody's a hater. Human Being's are just stupid these days I swear. Basically is you don't like something or somebody for whatever reason.....your a hater. I don't like today's generation of music and call it garbage because it is garbage so....Yep you got it! I'm a hater. Seems to me this word is a way for people to justify whatever it is they're doing that isnt appealing as being ok. "It's ok they're just jealous" kind of thing. I love the ignorace let me tell ya. For example, when you go into a Wal-Mart and come across a whale of 5'3" pushing 350 in sweats 4 sizes too small that somehow look like spandex now with the word's "Juicy" Spread out on the ass and wearing a half cut spaghetti strap shirt with her gut hanging out that reads "Sexy" on it trying to whale around completely convinced she is sexy while sweating crisco. When you see sometimes you cant help but stare. And when she catchges you giving her the biggest stare of disgust, she turns around and says What you looking at? Hater! You just a hater! What?! I'm a hater now? So by calling me a hater your passing off my disgust as wanting to be just like you? Is that how it's justified? meh....

Friday, August 12, 2011

My-ex's Lazy ass

So here's the deal. I want to move forward with my life. But I cant unless I'm willing to go to Jail. For how long can be anywhere from 6 mo to 3 yrs. I Paid my child support for 10 yrs to this woman while she was on section 8, foodstamps, among any other means of welfare she could get her hands on, all while working under a different social security number at a Salon (with her Cosmetology degree) So basically working at the Salon is free money. All this while she pays 30 bucks a month in rent. Ya sounds typical right? So anywhoo while this is going on she took me to court and my initial payment of 250 bucks turns into $750.00 upon walking out of there. With a female Judge of course. So I continued working for a few yrs before I had a realization that with our bills including child care me working just wasn't cutting it. The best thing for me to do would be to Stop working for awhile and take care of my kids to cut off some major expenses. Which worked! I was not to happy about being a stay at home daddy while my wife worked but I got used to it. So I back in February started my own business thinking I needed to start paying back my child support and who know's? Maybe this business might turn out to be big! Worth a shot! So I started this out with a good friend of about 6-7 yrs. Crazy enough right when I filed the paperwork to the state for "Our" business and thought well hell this might be a turning point in my life. My friend goes and confesses his love for my wife. So. There went that. But I'm still trying to make it work. Then I get this summons to court for not paying child support. And as I look into it it's saying that if I go to court in the state of which I reside I will have to most likely go get locked up for a period of 6 mo-3 yrs. for child support? How the fuck does that make any sense? How am I going to pay my child support then? *Sigh I love my state's Womanly Logic. So I couldn't go to court knowing that because well my wife just got promoted and well basically I'm her child care. She would have to go back to her mothers, transfer her job to another location and being that she would no longer be a manager making more money she would have to start all over at the bottom of the totem pole. So their goes that! Now I know I have to go to jail to get this burden off my back and I'm severely pissed off at my money hungry nag of an ex. -More later.


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