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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hip Hop/Rap

So as I'm siting in my car I turn on the radio which I never really listen to due to my iPod. Anyway I didn't have it today and again, flipped on the radio to my local hip hop station. And I have to say being 30 years old and knowing what Hip Hip/Rap used to be this so called rap today is complete garbage. Lil Wayne and Solja Boy as he calls himself+Drake are now the most popular dudes in rap? When did this happen? Is the intelligence level of this new generation that low? Take Lil Wayne for example, he don't even rap! He talks and most of what HE say'S don't make any sense. It's as if HE picked words that rhyme together and recites them on a track that with a obnoxious beat, and even though it doesn't make any sense, he throw's it together anyway put's it on a CD and these kiddies eat that garbage up!!! They absolutely love it! Solja Boy for another Example literally raps the same hook over and over to a simplistic drumline beat you would find from a high school marching band. His lyrics are, well listen to his lyrics they rhyme but he only uses 6 words throughout the track's entirety. Just nothing but "Hook's. Again people like this crap and make these guys rich? Ice-T really hit the nail on the head when he called out Solja boy and told him he "Single handedly killed Hip Hop" Let's discuss another popular word used these days. Hater<---really?! Everybody's a hater. Human Being's are just stupid these days I swear. Basically is you don't like something or somebody for whatever reason.....your a hater. I don't like today's generation of music and call it garbage because it is garbage so....Yep you got it! I'm a hater. Seems to me this word is a way for people to justify whatever it is they're doing that isnt appealing as being ok. "It's ok they're just jealous" kind of thing. I love the ignorace let me tell ya. For example, when you go into a Wal-Mart and come across a whale of 5'3" pushing 350 in sweats 4 sizes too small that somehow look like spandex now with the word's "Juicy" Spread out on the ass and wearing a half cut spaghetti strap shirt with her gut hanging out that reads "Sexy" on it trying to whale around completely convinced she is sexy while sweating crisco. When you see sometimes you cant help but stare. And when she catchges you giving her the biggest stare of disgust, she turns around and says What you looking at? Hater! You just a hater! What?! I'm a hater now? So by calling me a hater your passing off my disgust as wanting to be just like you? Is that how it's justified? meh....


Rap has pretty much been dumbed down to just whining

today it was a good day.... i dig your post.

There are some people from underground scene that really are great. What do you think of Aesop Rock?

Great post. Indeed hip hop is dead, even Dre's new songs are poppy and awful. I guess there'll never be a new 2pac or N.W.A.. Hopefully Beastie Boys have a new album and there are also some good underground acts that i'd be glad to listen to.

that goes with most music today. As one old school rapper said, todays generation is over saturated with what they call "Underground" rap and the trash they put on the radio. Very few is good. Not much.

Not much of a fan of Hip-Hop n Rap either its like the industry is force feeding us this crap, for decades now.

The only rap/hip-hop to me is nerdcore.

you people are all so ignorant if you tihnk rap is dead. Look a little harder, there are hundreds of rappers out there killing it, but all you can look at is fallen idols and the stuff on the radio. Do a little research before you declare an entire genre dead.

It's soo great man! I'm agree

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