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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Funny Highway Incident!

Hows it going people!! Hope everybody had a Awesome Christmas! Did you get what you wanted? I kind of did. But then again I rely on only me to get myself what I want, know what I mean?! Anyways I'm sorry for not being around lately, I've been spending the holidays with the family and haven't had time to get to my blog!

But I'm back! And what I do have is a nice video relating to traveling. I've been traveling a ton on the road and have a bit of road rage going on right now. And this video most definitely would have had me pissed off until I seen what all the fuss was all about. I can honestly say I would have never expected this to be the cause of the hold up that ultimately would have made me very angry, but it would have smoothed over quick haha. I've personally never seen anything like this and oh man I wish I would have simply because it would be a story to share! After this week of traveling for me and dealing with ignorant people on the highway/freeway (whatever you want to call it) This is sort of a breath of fresh air in dealing with the world of ignorant people on the highway!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Look inside the typical Woman collecting child support.

Im browsing thru some posts last night and came across this one. This post was full of Men bashing by a bunch of women pissed off because they're no longer collecting child support. The men (from the woman) prospective are peices of shit. Most of the women at least say that most men had paid for quite many yrs. But when asked about why the men stopped paying somehow, all the women had the same response. All the Men quit because their lazy. How convienient! So I Poked the bear a little and asked if any of them had jobs. Some of them did (usually only part time) some of them went off on a self righteous rant about how good they are and how they deserve the world..blah blah. What I found was that hardly any of the women really had jobs but a ton of excuses and self righteous bullshit to say. Now when a man pokes a hornets nest like this it's funny! I had a great time! Along with child support probably 90% of these women had the whole section 8, foodstamps and in general they had all the asistance from the government they could get.

I Have gone thru this with a ex of mine and its a long story but in the end I got the shitty end of the deal.
These women, this is how this works and I'm gonna shed some light on it now.

This is the typicall situation of a women that loves to collect and mooch. A Woman get's with a dude, has unproteced sex telling him to use the pullout method, she uses this a lot because it makes her feel better that shes taking some sort of responsibility in the action. And Some just dont say anything and continue with sex. She eventually gets pregnant, and well, she typically has a bunch of family members or friends telling her to get the dude for child support even if their together because not only will she receive child support, but she will get section 8 and only have to pay around 11-30 bucks a month in rent and on top of all that, get around a grand in foodstamps. It's right about now she is rubbing her belly with $$ signs in her eyes.

There's a lot of dudes out there that would ask her to get a abortion because they already see where this is going with her. And are willing to pay for it. But this doesnt happen because after women are pregnant, the men have no say whether the Women get one or not. They just have to hope and pray it happens. Which usually it doesnt because of said $$ signs. Eventually the 2 will break up and she will take him for more money in the courts out of spite. Once the babys born she applys and gets all the assistance she wants. 11 bucks a mo in rent, around $1000.00 bucks in foodstamps, WIC and child support.
It's around now that she starts using the child as a weapon towards the dad. She also starts giving up on her dreams of ever going to college and all ambition completely goes out the window. Not because she cant, because she will still party all the time and treat her kid like shit 24/7 meaning she can and will find a baby sitter for partying but not for school. But because she can sit on her ass all the time, watch the oxygen channel, leech off the government and her baby's daddy and generally not have to lift a damn finger.

She starts getting used to going out all the time and also gets used to having free money from the daddy working. She saves a little up and goes and typically buys a really nice used Cadillac Escalade.
This goes on while the Dad continues working, occasionaly getting a raise and she takes him right back to court anytime she catches wind of him recieving said raise and gets more money. Eventually the Dad either gets fired, layed off or gets tired of working his ass off so she can pay her Cadillac payment and go out. All the while he can hardly live at this point with the money he actually makes after the child support garnishment is taken out of his check.

Then this is where it gets interesting. The Women get mad because they cant make their Escalade payment and end up losing the caddy feeling that something they rightfully earned has been stripped away from them. They start man bashing as if its the man's fault that they justified it in their mind that it was ok to let their college dreams and careers go out the window and sit on their ass for yrs because it was easier.

Next thing you know, its the mans fault that they didnt go to college, lost their dreams and didnt get a job. And this my friends is how all the man bashing starts. This makes complete sense huh?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jian Sword Dancing

Alright, lets veer away a bit from all the crazy people and story's I for some reason keep coming across. As I came across this video I couldn't help but think....Ive never seen a girl even remotely take interest in weapons let alone dance with them. That actually really cool! It's kind of corny but that's why I'm posting this video because I couldn't peel myself away from watching it. I couldn't help but notice grandma sitting back there kicking it watching her grand kids. Now this video isn't definitely the oddest that Ive come across. But It is very random lol. To be honest I usually just shut these types of video's down within the first few seconds. But I was oddly fascinated and a little hypnotized. Whats your take on it? Corny or cool?!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toddler forced into washing machine

Its just never stops. Why do I keep coming across all this crazy stuff about kids being abused? What the hell are people thinking? This poor fella, a three yr old boy was forced naked by his father into a washing machine for several minutes. All because he got in trouble at nursery school for throwing another childs drawing into the toilet. The 33 yr old father is being charged with Murder of a minor while the mother is being charged with non-assistance of a person in danger. Wow really she couldnt have just taken the child out? Her own son. After the kid was in the machine for several minutes, the mother went to a neighbors house crying holding him in her arms claiming he had fallen down some stairs. The neighbor told the newspaper, "I took him in my arms like a broken doll, I felt the last beat of his heart". This kind of shit makes me sick, I honestly do hope they hang this guy by his balls. Apparently people and family seen this coming after hearing about him being locked in cupboards for hours. I dont understand, If you dont want a kid theres always adoption. Why not just give the kid up?

Monday, December 5, 2011

He's 60 Years Old.

WOW! I came across this video today and all I can do is look at myself in the mirror now and think.....Jeez man WTH happened to you! Whats your excuse? I have absolutely none. I'm a little chubbs (well ok I'm just a dam fatty now)but used to workout just like this guy and even then I wasn't quite as big as him. I just have to wonder......Does he ever hurt? Like have arthritis or something? He doesn't look like hes hurtin much from that little clip of him working out. Anyway I probably wont do a damn thing but sit on my ass, but this video did inspire me to want to start getting back into shape. So, Whats your excuse?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Smoking Baby

So I came across this video the other day. Having a few kids of my own I am a little outraged by this crap people think is funny. This wasn't the only one either. You all probably remember the two year old that wasn't faking and was actually addicted to cigarettes? His mother being 26 at the time said he had his first smoke when he was 18 months old. My only question is why are these people allowed to still have these children? Think about it! How did that kid start smokes without aid from his parents? What he accidentally started smoking one day, just threw in a smoke, lit the right end and started toking away when they weren't looking? I bet the parents blame him for it huh? Well I guess what can you do? This society's all ass backwards anyway. What I find hillarious is in this video is the mother makes this video like an idiot and posts it apparently using Woman logic. And the father is pissed off enough to spark a custody battle over it and she cant undestand why in the world he would do such a thing. I've heard it before and I'll state it again now, Some people should simply not have kids! Maybe an I.Q. test should be involved and if your just plain out too stupid to be able to handle it, and still have a child it should be taken away from you. Besides, if your that stupid which it seems a lot of people are, your not going to use that kid for anything but a free child support check and to get more from the government anyway.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Great Blue Norther

Sorry people! I've been rather busy lately and apologize for not posting in a bit. The other day I happen to come across a few facts I thought I'd share. I know there's all the theory's about the year 2012. I believe the date is Dec. 21 2012 to be exact. Then I started think about Nibiru and all the other theory's on how the world will end on or around that date. Some of the ideas behind Nibiru reminded me of this post I read. Now I know everybody would flip out if any of these events carried out on or around Dec. 2012.
Around one hundred Years ago, November 11th, 1911, "The Great Blue Norther" descended Upon America. According to one documented case, the day started off fine. There were even record high's for that time of year. Then all at once it changed. Temperatures began to drop within the space of ten minutes! Within that space of ten minutes the temperature dropped 40-50 degrees. By midnight a 66 degree temperature drop was recorded. Because of this drastic change it caused Dust storms, thunderstorms, tornado's and blizzards. In the end over 300 deaths were reported. It makes me laugh to think that if this did happen in 2012 how many Doomsday believers would come out of the wood work with their "End Times" garbage. How many more Herold Camping's would pop up with new Doom-dates of Rapture. How many more people would give up their job's, houses, and life savings for the chance to be spared. And all this because of one little change.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

AMD (Budget Build)

Thermaltake Armor Build

Alright so it's been quite awhile and I finally got done shopping for my new build, got it put together and got her going. I had a Hard Time finding a case that I liked as most all of them have some awesome features but look like hell too. I ended up settling with the Thermaltake ArmorPlus(Armor+) VH6000BWS Full Tower Case. In my opinion it looks like a beast and the thing is huge. Lots of space for pretty much anything I want to throw inside it and it will be around to throw new builds in for years to come. Now Before I go into some specs let me start off by saying this is a budget build. I don't have a ton of money to throw around so I went with an AMD build. And I have to say I see no difference between my AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition and my buddy's Intel Core i7-2600K. Anyway I'm most definitely happy with my new build. Here are some specs below!

-Thermaltake Armor+ VH6000BWS Full Tower Case
-AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Thuban o/c to 3.7GHz
-G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3
-Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 (upgrading soon)
-Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive
-Thermaltake CLP0554 80mm Sleeve CPU Cooler
-XFX Black Edition 750W Modular PSU
-2x LOGISYS 12" Dual Cold Cathode Blue LED

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So I'm in the market for a Katana. I have had a few novelty swords before but now I want a real one. Or as real as I can get it, I think It's reffered to as "Battle Ready". Now Of Course I dont want a battle ready Katana to go play ninja, I just want one because I just simply want the bragging rights. When Somebody grabs it from my mantle and starts unsheathing it from the scabbard, I want to be able to say "Hey be careful, That shit will cut you"! So anyway I'm scowering the net trying to find one with a budget of about $600.00 to work with. I come across this video posted above from a company named Cold Steel. In it they test the blade cutting a ton of different stuff demstrating that the blade will not dull even up to 1000 cuts on pigs, rope, tatami mats and a variety of other things. They even put it in a vice. and bend the sword as far as they can and do pull ups on with it and it doesnt bend but springs back and keeps it's shape perfectly. Needless to say the Katana is badass. And I think I'm going to purchase it. Now I know that they could use a load of different swords to do this and edit it carefully but after reading about it on other sites I think I'm Sold on it. If anyone has worked with this company before I would sure love some feedback!

Here's some spec's"

Japanese Swords: Warrior Series
Weight: 41.4 oz.
Blade Thick: 5/16"
Blade Length: 29 1/4"
Handle: 11 1/4" Samé (Ray Skin). black braid cord with brass Menuki
Steel: 1055 Carbon
Overall Length: 40 1/2"
Sheath: Black Lacquered Wood Scabbard

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Haunted Baby doll murdered by her own mother. SHE IS VERY ACTIVE.!

This was being sold on a site I came across today. I have lots of questions about this. Mostly questions on if it's just novelty or not. Which it probably is however I still wouldn't want this in my home after seeing the disclaimer if you will, about the doll. This was one of a plethora of dolls on the site that were supposedly haunted. Each one with it's own story. The doll's name is Reagan. Apparently the owners have worked with Reagan and it is now "Manageable" after working with her for several weeks. Lol Whatever that means. Before the doll was "Manageable" it would scream with the tortured spirits from hell at night. Also electrical disturbances in the home would happen all the time. After all of this I couldn't help but notice there wasn't free shipping.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ultimate Battlefield 3/MW3 Simulator

Now this just looks bad ass. Just think, if we hadn't have wasted a few hundred yrs fighting about stupid shit like religion and kept our minds on moving forward this would have come and gone a long time ago. Just imagine what we would have now. I would love to be inside this simulator and I'm not a big Battlefield 3 fan, I'm more of an C.O.D. fan but you get me in this thing I could give a shit less WTF I'm playing. And the fact you can feel when and where you get shot!! Plus I need to lose a few extra pounds and all that moving around might just do it! This is f*in awesome!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mother Juliette Dunn pleads guilty to giving her 4-year-old and 10-month-old beer and cocaine

So this fucking idiot of a mother forced her 4 yr old son to chug a bottle of beer and also gave her 10 month old daughter cocaine. So far it looks like the kids are "temporarily" in child services hopefully on the way to a group home or foster family.
According to police they were flagged down by a mother pissed off that her neighbor was feeding her kids beer on the playground. LOL Lets look at that again: Feeding her kids beer on the playground! WOW! Anywhoo....When the police walked up to the residence they seen an empty 40oz bottle of Steel Reserve with the baby next to it which had a dark liquid that smelled strongly like alcohol. When interviewed by social services the boy stated that he likes "Natural Ice beer, Budweiser beer, but didn't like the taste of Dog-Bite beer." Apparently the boy has been giving a bottle of beer everyday.
Truth be told now that I'm getting older I see more and more black's doing shit like this. All the way from the way they dress with their skinny jeans and Van's, to the so called bubble gum Hip/Pop they now think is cool which you have to be fucking retarded to think is awesome. I actually seen a video this guy made rapping about his EBT (foodstamps) card glorifying it as being fuckin baddass. Like he was coming up in the world! I personally think the overall intelligence of the black community is dropping drastically with each and every new generation.

Here's the link to the post: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b50_1319503345

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reddit's demographic deemed gay?!

So me and my buddy were brainstorming about good topics that would make first page on Reddit. And as were talking about it we each went through a ton of badass shit we've already posted that by no doubt should have made it but just never did. Now we've posted things from ol school video game topics to highly controversial shit to just straight troll posts. And nothing. I started thinking about what kind of users actually used Reddit. So I clicked back to the front page of Reddit when it occurred to me that most, (not all but most) of the topics I see on Reddit are with the exception of educational posts, it's mostly stupid and gay shit. It seems to me that most Reddit users are either gay, hipsters, overly emotional, or in the closet with too much goddamn homosexual tension built up! And as I start scrolling thru the first page I see this post. This post on the front page read: "Men, what "unmanly" things do you do that you're not ashamed of?" it had the most comments at 3,752 comments! So I guess there's just way to many men on Reddit that have unmanly things they do they are not ashamed of! LoL I guess that proves my point!
(*Sigh) I rest my case.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Looks like there's right around 20 days till this bad boy comes out. And I for one cant wait! Yaya Battlefield 3 blah blah blah. Look I played the beta, and I know and fully understand what Beta is! But after playing it for awhile I can say that the graphics for PC are awesome. While the graphics for console seem to be butchered to shit. A lot of you hold BF3 in high regard because it's said that it's more realistic as compared to COD games. Now this might be true. But there's one thing I seen in BF3 that invalidated that shit. There seems to be 80 fuckin snipers in that game that just camp and wait. In real life there's not 80 snipers in one square block. You sit there run a little, sit there run a little more. Then you run across a field in a last ditch effort to actually play the game just to get picked off by some fuck that's just been sitting there with a sniper rifle. I actually want to play the campaign as it looks beautiful from what Ive seen. However I'm more of a fast paced player that loves the run em up shoot em up style where getting kills is more based off of how quick to the draw you are as opposed to the other player. That to me is golden. MW3 seems like a redone version of MW2 but being as MW2 is definitely in my list of favorite bad ass games I'm completely fine with that! In fact I'm ecstatic! I think when it does drop ill just veg the fuck out for a few days and get some time in. What do you think? MW3 or BF3 and why?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Women Drivers

Let me just start this rant off by saying that I most definitely learned something out of all of this. That having Auto Insurance proved to be something that is worth having. I've always been a little against the fact they make you have Auto Insurance or they tow your car and you can go to jail. Maybe it's just the way Progressive Auto Insurance is handling my claim. Which is awesome by the way. Either or, with all the damn women drivers around having insurance nowadays is a must in my opinion! Meh....Anyhow lets get to my story.
K now I love pussy like every other guy. I love myself some big tits and curves and you got to have some booty. However I fuckin hate women.....I mean that! It's a mixture of all the emotionally unstable crap mixed with the fact they have no reason and no fuckin accountability. I've had quite a bit of financial problems with one specific woman in my life that thinks having a job means spreading her snatch, getting pregnant and collecting child support. And have also seen quite a few of my buddys go thru the phone calls where the chick lets him know she cheated on him the other night blaming it on the alcohol or the "I was passed out" bit and then has the audacity to get mad at my buddy telling him its all his fault. Ahh yes I've seen a shit ton of crap from women in that general aspect of bullshit. Luckily I have one that's a good girl! I found one that doesn't bitch too much, cool as shit and loves video games+she's sexy! Now on the other side of that I had to trade sex for all of that which sucks my fuckin nutsack a million times over but hey! At least I can stand being around her. *Sigh I guess you just cant have your cake and eat it too! Another thing I cant stand about women is their fuckin driving. I swear to fucking god where I live these women drive like complete shit. It's either a cell phone they're talking or texting on the cell phone or their just plain stupid. Which more often that not, their just plain stupid. Which bring's me to my example today. Now I'm driving along and this dumb broad decides to take a left turn out into a busy street that I just so happened to be driving by minding my own business and get fucking T-boned. And guess what?! It's a fuckin female. Some dirty blond haired chick with a nice huge ass and no tits talking about hows shes so sorry. Now let me take you back a bit. The first thing I thought even after seeing her was thanking myself for getting auto insurance just a week prior. And even that was a bitch. Every goddamn company I went thru asked a ungodly amount of money per yr. (I don't buy monthly) except Progressive Auto Insurance. Anyhow I'm thanking my lucky fuckin stars I did because they'll tow your fuckin car for not having it where I live. K now let's continue shall we. What really pissed me off about it is, upon recollection while I was driving eastbound chillin, there was a huge gap I noticed for her to make her left turn westbound on both sides of the road. Which means out of all the time she took comtemplating her turn with all the fuckin time in the world with the gap she had. She decided to take the turn when she couldnt. Which makes total fuckin sense to me cause well......she is a woman. So What insued is me bitching her out while taking quick glances at her big beautiful ass, talking to the cops and sorting shit out. Everything went my way because the guy in back of her waiting to turn as well told the cops exactly what happened which also happened to confirm my theory on how it played out. So now I'm in the midst of talking to progressive about it and have to pay a deductible but I might get a new car out of it due to the fact my frame might be bent to shit. Weill see how that goes, you never know I dont trust these damn auto insurance companies for shit. They will probably just jew me out of my money in the end. But!......you never know. So the point of my story is. Aside from probably 1 percent of women on the fuckin planet. Women are damn near good for nothing but being a damn cumbucket and whining about something. And every now and then making a goddamn sammich. Ya Ya I know some of you are reading this thinking about your fuckin mother or grandma and how nurturing they were, but thats not the way females are no more in this generation. These bitches these days can fuck up a cup of coffee ordered straight black. And you just remember this. No matter how nuturing and what a great cook they may have been............even Ol' Grandma was sucking dick back in the day at one point!

Monday, October 17, 2011

WTF! I don't wanna live on this planet anymore...

At about 1:20 into the video when the guy finally shuts up you see a 3 yr old girl get hit by a van. Now the driver knows he hit something as he slows down, thinks about it for a minute and proceeds to run over whatever he hit. K....theres one asshole right? Wrong. A shitload of other people see this lil baby lying in the fucking street and could give a shit less. WTF is wrong with the chinese? Are you fuckin serious? Now I've done a lot of fucked up shit in my life, and been to prison for it, and yes have since changed my entire life around. But one thing I would never do is leave a baby lying helpless on the road. I mean What goes thru your mind when you see a Little baby lying on the side of a busy road? Oh I guess he/she's just taking a little nap, how cute! I really do hate people. I'm just putting that out there. Now I know this happened in China and I live is the U.S. Thus it would be easy to pass that shit off as: Oh, well at least that shit doesn't happen here. While that specific incident doesn't happen every fucking day here thank god! I refer you to another group fucked up individuals that think its funny to mess with a mentally retarded woman, punch her to the ground and walk away like a boss as if he just knocked out Mike Tyson. I honestly don't know whats worse. The fact this guy thinks its so funny to punch the hell out of a retarded woman or the fact he walks away like a straight up badass. In conclusion I think that this world needs a global cleansing of some sort. Even if me and my family end up dead with it, at least for the sake of humanity our deaths in the end will not have been in vain. Your thoughts and opinions?

Sry guys this is the link to the second video as I can not get this to post:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LiL Wayne Goes out of his way to be gay.

So as I get older I start seeing a ton of stuff I dont agree with. I used to listen to Hip Hop/Rap in the age where Rappers wore baggy jeans (Not down to their knees in most cases) some pimpin kicks and Karl Kani or Jerzeys or whatever looked good. You didnt leave the house unless you were dressed to impress. Now It seems kids think if you wanna be cool you have to look gay, what I mean by that is they listen to their so called rap, drink 40's still, but shop in the girls section. They look for girls pants so they're almost skin tight making their legs look like sausage links, skin tight shirts and wear Vans? I've been over this a thousand times with other people just chatting about it. You know heres the deal. Back in the day im sure that there were some men that just despised the Hair bands for dressing with skin tight pants and crazy makeup with styled hair. But if you really think about it they pretty much made their own genre of music. Which is totally fine with me because in a big sense they distinguished themselves from a lot of other forms of Rock, Metal you name it. But this so called Hip Hop/Rap Genre arent trying to set themselves apart from 10-15 yrs ago. They're claiming "This is the new Hip Hop and how we dress and the music is the evolution of rap" So somewhere along the line Hip Hop turned into a bunch of simplistic beat making, no rap talent having, skin tight shirt/pant wearing, little girl section shopping bunch of sissy pussies that still think they're all gangsta?! Just imagine N.W.A. taking photoshoot's with the look of homosexual tension instead of the hard Gangsta look on their face, wearing brightly colored skin tight shirts and pants you only find in the girls section. One has to stop and wonder when this new generation turned so gay. Another thing is, when did rap become so simple? And these kids eat that shit up! LiL Wayne has to be one of the most worst rappers in history.....yet these kids think he's not the best but GOD! I understand that the only reason he has so much fame is the lack of choice. It makes me laugh to think that him and solja boy think they're 2 of the best of all time, because you know they do! Truth be told 2Pac and B.I.G. would have ate them the fuck up back in the day. But besides that is it really the lack of Real Rappers that contributed to Hip Hop/Rap dropping to the bottom of the barrel? Or is it that the general demographic of Hip Hop has a I.Q. Lower than 70? Comment below and let me know what you think!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dues Ex vs.Gamestop

So apparently Onlive Square Enix put a coupon with the game that allowed buyers of a boxed PC copy download and play another copy of the game, for free, via OnLive's cloud based network, a $50 value. Gamestop who also has their own digital distribution platform believed this was promoting the competition. So they sent out a letter to their employees instructing them to take out the coupons upon purchase and trash them.
Now I used to buy from there, mostly pre orders and occasional used stuff. But at this point with Gamestop being so damn corporate with everything I think I will be taking my business elsewhere unless I have NO other choice, hell for that matter ill just throw my money away at Wal-Mart from now on. This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever read about. I never thought they would stoop this low. What cool about it is it's a game that I just really don't care about, however Its the principal of the matter that pisses me off. How is this even legal? How do they get away with this stuff. Where's the lawsuit? Whatever happens I hope they end up paying out a TON of money. Too bad Gamestop turned into the corporate Wal-Mart of gaming stores.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Damn thats hot!

S/O to and video courtesy of TASB1998

I seen this video the other day and couldn't help but feel the need to share it. These two really killed it! The dance is called Bachata. It is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. Basics are a three-step with a Cuban hip motion, followed by a hip tap on the 4th beat like Salsa. However these two apparently changed up the dance a little to be more sexier. However they did that they got my vote. Never been much of a dancer but this makes me want to go out and learn.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hip Hop/Rap

So as I'm siting in my car I turn on the radio which I never really listen to due to my iPod. Anyway I didn't have it today and again, flipped on the radio to my local hip hop station. And I have to say being 30 years old and knowing what Hip Hip/Rap used to be this so called rap today is complete garbage. Lil Wayne and Solja Boy as he calls himself+Drake are now the most popular dudes in rap? When did this happen? Is the intelligence level of this new generation that low? Take Lil Wayne for example, he don't even rap! He talks and most of what HE say'S don't make any sense. It's as if HE picked words that rhyme together and recites them on a track that with a obnoxious beat, and even though it doesn't make any sense, he throw's it together anyway put's it on a CD and these kiddies eat that garbage up!!! They absolutely love it! Solja Boy for another Example literally raps the same hook over and over to a simplistic drumline beat you would find from a high school marching band. His lyrics are, well listen to his lyrics they rhyme but he only uses 6 words throughout the track's entirety. Just nothing but "Hook's. Again people like this crap and make these guys rich? Ice-T really hit the nail on the head when he called out Solja boy and told him he "Single handedly killed Hip Hop" Let's discuss another popular word used these days. Hater<---really?! Everybody's a hater. Human Being's are just stupid these days I swear. Basically is you don't like something or somebody for whatever reason.....your a hater. I don't like today's generation of music and call it garbage because it is garbage so....Yep you got it! I'm a hater. Seems to me this word is a way for people to justify whatever it is they're doing that isnt appealing as being ok. "It's ok they're just jealous" kind of thing. I love the ignorace let me tell ya. For example, when you go into a Wal-Mart and come across a whale of 5'3" pushing 350 in sweats 4 sizes too small that somehow look like spandex now with the word's "Juicy" Spread out on the ass and wearing a half cut spaghetti strap shirt with her gut hanging out that reads "Sexy" on it trying to whale around completely convinced she is sexy while sweating crisco. When you see sometimes you cant help but stare. And when she catchges you giving her the biggest stare of disgust, she turns around and says What you looking at? Hater! You just a hater! What?! I'm a hater now? So by calling me a hater your passing off my disgust as wanting to be just like you? Is that how it's justified? meh....

Friday, August 12, 2011

My-ex's Lazy ass

So here's the deal. I want to move forward with my life. But I cant unless I'm willing to go to Jail. For how long can be anywhere from 6 mo to 3 yrs. I Paid my child support for 10 yrs to this woman while she was on section 8, foodstamps, among any other means of welfare she could get her hands on, all while working under a different social security number at a Salon (with her Cosmetology degree) So basically working at the Salon is free money. All this while she pays 30 bucks a month in rent. Ya sounds typical right? So anywhoo while this is going on she took me to court and my initial payment of 250 bucks turns into $750.00 upon walking out of there. With a female Judge of course. So I continued working for a few yrs before I had a realization that with our bills including child care me working just wasn't cutting it. The best thing for me to do would be to Stop working for awhile and take care of my kids to cut off some major expenses. Which worked! I was not to happy about being a stay at home daddy while my wife worked but I got used to it. So I back in February started my own business thinking I needed to start paying back my child support and who know's? Maybe this business might turn out to be big! Worth a shot! So I started this out with a good friend of about 6-7 yrs. Crazy enough right when I filed the paperwork to the state for "Our" business and thought well hell this might be a turning point in my life. My friend goes and confesses his love for my wife. So. There went that. But I'm still trying to make it work. Then I get this summons to court for not paying child support. And as I look into it it's saying that if I go to court in the state of which I reside I will have to most likely go get locked up for a period of 6 mo-3 yrs. for child support? How the fuck does that make any sense? How am I going to pay my child support then? *Sigh I love my state's Womanly Logic. So I couldn't go to court knowing that because well my wife just got promoted and well basically I'm her child care. She would have to go back to her mothers, transfer her job to another location and being that she would no longer be a manager making more money she would have to start all over at the bottom of the totem pole. So their goes that! Now I know I have to go to jail to get this burden off my back and I'm severely pissed off at my money hungry nag of an ex. -More later.


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