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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toddler forced into washing machine

Its just never stops. Why do I keep coming across all this crazy stuff about kids being abused? What the hell are people thinking? This poor fella, a three yr old boy was forced naked by his father into a washing machine for several minutes. All because he got in trouble at nursery school for throwing another childs drawing into the toilet. The 33 yr old father is being charged with Murder of a minor while the mother is being charged with non-assistance of a person in danger. Wow really she couldnt have just taken the child out? Her own son. After the kid was in the machine for several minutes, the mother went to a neighbors house crying holding him in her arms claiming he had fallen down some stairs. The neighbor told the newspaper, "I took him in my arms like a broken doll, I felt the last beat of his heart". This kind of shit makes me sick, I honestly do hope they hang this guy by his balls. Apparently people and family seen this coming after hearing about him being locked in cupboards for hours. I dont understand, If you dont want a kid theres always adoption. Why not just give the kid up?


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