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Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Smoking Baby

So I came across this video the other day. Having a few kids of my own I am a little outraged by this crap people think is funny. This wasn't the only one either. You all probably remember the two year old that wasn't faking and was actually addicted to cigarettes? His mother being 26 at the time said he had his first smoke when he was 18 months old. My only question is why are these people allowed to still have these children? Think about it! How did that kid start smokes without aid from his parents? What he accidentally started smoking one day, just threw in a smoke, lit the right end and started toking away when they weren't looking? I bet the parents blame him for it huh? Well I guess what can you do? This society's all ass backwards anyway. What I find hillarious is in this video is the mother makes this video like an idiot and posts it apparently using Woman logic. And the father is pissed off enough to spark a custody battle over it and she cant undestand why in the world he would do such a thing. I've heard it before and I'll state it again now, Some people should simply not have kids! Maybe an I.Q. test should be involved and if your just plain out too stupid to be able to handle it, and still have a child it should be taken away from you. Besides, if your that stupid which it seems a lot of people are, your not going to use that kid for anything but a free child support check and to get more from the government anyway.


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