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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jian Sword Dancing

Alright, lets veer away a bit from all the crazy people and story's I for some reason keep coming across. As I came across this video I couldn't help but think....Ive never seen a girl even remotely take interest in weapons let alone dance with them. That actually really cool! It's kind of corny but that's why I'm posting this video because I couldn't peel myself away from watching it. I couldn't help but notice grandma sitting back there kicking it watching her grand kids. Now this video isn't definitely the oddest that Ive come across. But It is very random lol. To be honest I usually just shut these types of video's down within the first few seconds. But I was oddly fascinated and a little hypnotized. Whats your take on it? Corny or cool?!


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