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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Police unload a full clip into kid with a crowbar

So this happened in California a few days ago. And this really pisses me off. It's another classic case of good ol police using excessive force. There's multiple ways you can disable somebody besides shooting somebody 5 times until their down, then shooting the dude again another 5 times after hes laid up on the pavement. They couldn't have just shot him in the knee? What about batons, I mean there was a shitload of cops there. They could have just Rodney King'ed his ass. And then there's the one tactic they could have used That they had pulled out and ready to go! The Dog's. WTF happened they had the dogs out already!!!! Why not let him loose? I simply don't understand why they even had the dog's out if they would rather use deadly tactics to give themselves something to brag about when they go home to their wives. This is pure bullshit, I know that if I was ready to swing at a cop and they had their guns drawn I'm probably gonna get shot. I understand that and it was foolish on the dudes part. On the other hand I also know that if I was the cop in that specific incident, had my gun drawn and the dogs out, and the suspect was gonna try and hit me with a crowbar, I would have simply let the dog loose. At the very worst I would have shot him in the leg. Not unload five round into his chest, then when hes done and laying on the ground in a bloody mess unload 5 more rounds into him. This is bullshit and I hope this video goes viral. This did not need to happen. This man did not need to die. These cops were itching to kill, and their criminals! Unfortunately nothing will happen to him. He will get off with a slap on the wrist and continue to be trigger happy bragging to his buddies and his wife from here on out about how he killed somebody. How do you feel about this? Was that excessive or not?

Friday, January 20, 2012

15 Yeard old boy shoots burglar with his dad's AR-15

I came across this gem the other day, I'm not quite sure as to how old this story is. But This makes me wish I had taught my kids how to shoot early on. It seems to me that teaching them the safety behind firearms early on helps them to understand the dangers and safety behind guns. But thats just my personal opinion.

This 15 year old boy who just so happened to be the son of a deputy officer shot but didnt kill inturders when he was home alone. The 15 yr old boy was home alone with his 12 year old sister. Around 2:30 in the morning he heard burglars trying to get in the home from the front and back doors. It wasnt until they broke a back window when he knew this was real, not a drill and went for his Dad's AR-15! He then shot one of the intruders at least 3 times, which made them flee the scene. Shortly afterwards the suspects showed up at the local hospital, one of them (The adult) all shot up seeking treatment. One of them was a juvenile and was fine. He was later taken back to the scene, probably so maybe the 15 yr old could identify?!

Apparently these burglers had hit two neighbors prior to this incident.
Lt. Jeffrey Stauber said “We don't try to hide things from our children in law enforcement,” “That young boy was protecting his sister. He was in fear for his life and her life.”

I praise this teenagers actions to be honest for protecting his little sister and himself. So my question is, how do you feel about teaching your children about firearms?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Halo 2 was definetly the best of the series!

As I watch this video, I cant help but reminisce about the old days! Ahh yes like it was yesterday! Running thru Headlong with your BR and the wind in your hair. The sweet smell of blown up and burning warthogs and that dude somewhere else in the world pissed of and yelling at you calling you a noob because your owning his face. I think I only got to a level 34, but that was great back then! If I remember right the level cap was 40 and sometimes Some of them 40's would come in and gimme a good pwning! But for the most part that was few and far between. The lung kinda sucked and they nerfed the pistol to shit. But my Battle Rifle and sniper were my two most prized possessions in that game and they were perfect. Everything was beautiful about that game. And you could Super Jump! As you can tell, I had mad fun with that game. Then Came Halo 3. Halo 3 was highly anticipated by me thinking that they could only make a game that good, better! I was however disappointed by it being that they took away a ton of features and added things I didn't really care for. The graphics were good though! Overall It was just enough to keep me back into the game until Reach came out. Reach is by far the worst game Ive ever played,.....Horrible!! I bought reach pretty much already knowing they really changed a lot up, and when I got home within one hour I knew Halo was no longer Halo anymore :( Reach now goes into my category of "Garbage" shit along with LiL Wayne's music and skinny jeans. They killed my Battle rifle, sniping sucked and they ripped off Call Of Duty Games with the whole class's crap! Integrated all of this into halo plus flying among other class perks that were shitty and tried to pass it off as a good game. Basically what they did what make it easier for casual players that sucked and cried and complained too much to Bungie about their face getting owned cause they just sucked soo much that They finally mad it so my 10 yr old son could play, spray and pray and feel good about his kill. Anyway I'm done ranting for the moment as I could go on and on for days about this subject. How do you guys feel about the Halo Series? Which one was the best and why?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wingsuit base jumping

So I'm thinking about going skydiving. Ive always wanted to go bungee jumping too but that will have to wait. See Ive been checking out Wing-suit's Or (Squirrel suits) as more people know them as. I have to work my way up tho, maybe bungee jumping, then skydiving then Wing-suit base jumping. The guys in the video posted are very skilled, I don't know that I'd be going so close to the mountains like that but, wow would that be fun. I've always been scared to death of heights all my life. For what I will never now, Ive never fell off of anything before. So I think it's time to conquer that fear and kill it. See the cool thing with skydiving and Wing-suit gliding is that it seems probably 98.9% of the accidents that do occur result in death. That being said it's mostly instant death. And I'm cool with instant death, hey if I mess up and I'm gonna die....I probably wont feel it anyway. So now it's off to go try and convince my wife to go with me, or at the very least that everything will be alright. There's wife's that don't like their husbands getting motorcycles let alone a skydiving and a wing-suit. Luckily I don't think mines quite like that. In fact I think she would be all for it........I Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seriously? Man stabbed for not knowing Jay-Z and Beyonce are married?!

Hmm....So I came across this gem today while having my coffee. An Ohio man apparently stabbed another man because he didn't know that Jay-Z and Beyonce are married.
^Read that again. A man stabbed another man because he didn't know Jay-Z And Beyonce are married.....
After a New Year's celebration Ronald Deaver was pissed off and had enough that a 48 yr old man was ignorant to Mr. and Mrs. Carters marriage. shortly there after decided to stab him. It's stuff like this people. Word's cannot express how disgusted I am with this particular story, I wonder how that's gonna look in jail. Hey bro what you in for? Oh nothin, I was partying for New Yrs and this dude didn't know jay and bey were married. So I stabbed him! You know, nothing big. Apparently pop culture knowledge is a life or death situation these days. I've said it before and ill say it again. The world needs a global cleansing. Even if me and my family go along with it. After reading story's like this, and seeing how bad and petty people are becoming. It will be for the greater good of humanity.


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