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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seriously? Man stabbed for not knowing Jay-Z and Beyonce are married?!

Hmm....So I came across this gem today while having my coffee. An Ohio man apparently stabbed another man because he didn't know that Jay-Z and Beyonce are married.
^Read that again. A man stabbed another man because he didn't know Jay-Z And Beyonce are married.....
After a New Year's celebration Ronald Deaver was pissed off and had enough that a 48 yr old man was ignorant to Mr. and Mrs. Carters marriage. shortly there after decided to stab him. It's stuff like this people. Word's cannot express how disgusted I am with this particular story, I wonder how that's gonna look in jail. Hey bro what you in for? Oh nothin, I was partying for New Yrs and this dude didn't know jay and bey were married. So I stabbed him! You know, nothing big. Apparently pop culture knowledge is a life or death situation these days. I've said it before and ill say it again. The world needs a global cleansing. Even if me and my family go along with it. After reading story's like this, and seeing how bad and petty people are becoming. It will be for the greater good of humanity.


Good info bro! great post =)

I agree D: Its so sad to see where humanity is heading with this examples -_-

God, I'm so sick of the media lately. It's pretty gross how peoples live revolve around celebrities.

this world DOES need a cleansing

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