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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Funny Highway Incident!

Hows it going people!! Hope everybody had a Awesome Christmas! Did you get what you wanted? I kind of did. But then again I rely on only me to get myself what I want, know what I mean?! Anyways I'm sorry for not being around lately, I've been spending the holidays with the family and haven't had time to get to my blog!

But I'm back! And what I do have is a nice video relating to traveling. I've been traveling a ton on the road and have a bit of road rage going on right now. And this video most definitely would have had me pissed off until I seen what all the fuss was all about. I can honestly say I would have never expected this to be the cause of the hold up that ultimately would have made me very angry, but it would have smoothed over quick haha. I've personally never seen anything like this and oh man I wish I would have simply because it would be a story to share! After this week of traveling for me and dealing with ignorant people on the highway/freeway (whatever you want to call it) This is sort of a breath of fresh air in dealing with the world of ignorant people on the highway!


Now that's something unusual : P The question is: wat there anybody inside???

I know what you mean, I had to buy myself all my gifts...but i love them!

Amazing Blog keep it up! That video just made my day. My first day of the year :P

lol one minute later: Portajohn!!!

When you gotta go you gotta go!

OH wow.. i clicked the video right on and watched it expectin anything, i did not expect to see that DX

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