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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Police unload a full clip into kid with a crowbar

So this happened in California a few days ago. And this really pisses me off. It's another classic case of good ol police using excessive force. There's multiple ways you can disable somebody besides shooting somebody 5 times until their down, then shooting the dude again another 5 times after hes laid up on the pavement. They couldn't have just shot him in the knee? What about batons, I mean there was a shitload of cops there. They could have just Rodney King'ed his ass. And then there's the one tactic they could have used That they had pulled out and ready to go! The Dog's. WTF happened they had the dogs out already!!!! Why not let him loose? I simply don't understand why they even had the dog's out if they would rather use deadly tactics to give themselves something to brag about when they go home to their wives. This is pure bullshit, I know that if I was ready to swing at a cop and they had their guns drawn I'm probably gonna get shot. I understand that and it was foolish on the dudes part. On the other hand I also know that if I was the cop in that specific incident, had my gun drawn and the dogs out, and the suspect was gonna try and hit me with a crowbar, I would have simply let the dog loose. At the very worst I would have shot him in the leg. Not unload five round into his chest, then when hes done and laying on the ground in a bloody mess unload 5 more rounds into him. This is bullshit and I hope this video goes viral. This did not need to happen. This man did not need to die. These cops were itching to kill, and their criminals! Unfortunately nothing will happen to him. He will get off with a slap on the wrist and continue to be trigger happy bragging to his buddies and his wife from here on out about how he killed somebody. How do you feel about this? Was that excessive or not?


I see a couple frames before the shooting where the guy lifts his weapon and makes a move to strike one of the officers.

unfortunate to hear of this :/ often times it is to ensure the safety of officers but sometimes even that can look excessive

Things like this just pisses me off! The real criminals never get what they truly deserve

Ye unfortunatelly this things happen. Its sad but sometimes necessary for their own safety. Its better in the long run to play safe. In this case perhaps they didnt need to be so excessive but in the long run if they play it loose they might get hurt..

Shame for entire police department, these things really piss me off!!!

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