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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ultimate Battlefield 3/MW3 Simulator

Now this just looks bad ass. Just think, if we hadn't have wasted a few hundred yrs fighting about stupid shit like religion and kept our minds on moving forward this would have come and gone a long time ago. Just imagine what we would have now. I would love to be inside this simulator and I'm not a big Battlefield 3 fan, I'm more of an C.O.D. fan but you get me in this thing I could give a shit less WTF I'm playing. And the fact you can feel when and where you get shot!! Plus I need to lose a few extra pounds and all that moving around might just do it! This is f*in awesome!


Yeah, I watched the full episode on how they built it yesterday and it is pretty amazing. Not so sure about the statement of wars, though. Military technology is usually the more advanced and powerful nations are willing to invest some ridiculous amount of money in that technology. Many great commonly used technology had it's origin on war.

I've always dreamt of something like this coming out. that would be so bad ass

Woah that was very interesting. I never seen that and took me by surprise. Has all elements of being amazing

omg never thought of it before

Holy crap I want that, iwant to play in that! D: this is the best next thing take all my money!!!!!

Wow that must be expensive.

I think that will be perfect game.

I saw this a few days ago. It looks so bad ass!!

I want one now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally! I had spent days thinking in a way to do this sort of thing and movement always seemed the hardest part! Kinect has that limitation, but this? This is the beginning of something big!

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