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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Haunted Baby doll murdered by her own mother. SHE IS VERY ACTIVE.!

This was being sold on a site I came across today. I have lots of questions about this. Mostly questions on if it's just novelty or not. Which it probably is however I still wouldn't want this in my home after seeing the disclaimer if you will, about the doll. This was one of a plethora of dolls on the site that were supposedly haunted. Each one with it's own story. The doll's name is Reagan. Apparently the owners have worked with Reagan and it is now "Manageable" after working with her for several weeks. Lol Whatever that means. Before the doll was "Manageable" it would scream with the tortured spirits from hell at night. Also electrical disturbances in the home would happen all the time. After all of this I couldn't help but notice there wasn't free shipping.


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