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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Looks like there's right around 20 days till this bad boy comes out. And I for one cant wait! Yaya Battlefield 3 blah blah blah. Look I played the beta, and I know and fully understand what Beta is! But after playing it for awhile I can say that the graphics for PC are awesome. While the graphics for console seem to be butchered to shit. A lot of you hold BF3 in high regard because it's said that it's more realistic as compared to COD games. Now this might be true. But there's one thing I seen in BF3 that invalidated that shit. There seems to be 80 fuckin snipers in that game that just camp and wait. In real life there's not 80 snipers in one square block. You sit there run a little, sit there run a little more. Then you run across a field in a last ditch effort to actually play the game just to get picked off by some fuck that's just been sitting there with a sniper rifle. I actually want to play the campaign as it looks beautiful from what Ive seen. However I'm more of a fast paced player that loves the run em up shoot em up style where getting kills is more based off of how quick to the draw you are as opposed to the other player. That to me is golden. MW3 seems like a redone version of MW2 but being as MW2 is definitely in my list of favorite bad ass games I'm completely fine with that! In fact I'm ecstatic! I think when it does drop ill just veg the fuck out for a few days and get some time in. What do you think? MW3 or BF3 and why?


MWF3 because it's, just, BADASS!

cannot WAIT man! this and diablo 3 is all i need right now

awesomeeeee! I want to play it now now now!

I still think CoD will come on top despite everything Battlefield offers. CoD is just one of those brands, y'a know? It's like Coca-Cola :D

In COD you call airstrike. In BF - you are the airstrike.

Again... I prefer Battlefield. Less kids, more awesome.

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