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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reddit's demographic deemed gay?!

So me and my buddy were brainstorming about good topics that would make first page on Reddit. And as were talking about it we each went through a ton of badass shit we've already posted that by no doubt should have made it but just never did. Now we've posted things from ol school video game topics to highly controversial shit to just straight troll posts. And nothing. I started thinking about what kind of users actually used Reddit. So I clicked back to the front page of Reddit when it occurred to me that most, (not all but most) of the topics I see on Reddit are with the exception of educational posts, it's mostly stupid and gay shit. It seems to me that most Reddit users are either gay, hipsters, overly emotional, or in the closet with too much goddamn homosexual tension built up! And as I start scrolling thru the first page I see this post. This post on the front page read: "Men, what "unmanly" things do you do that you're not ashamed of?" it had the most comments at 3,752 comments! So I guess there's just way to many men on Reddit that have unmanly things they do they are not ashamed of! LoL I guess that proves my point!
(*Sigh) I rest my case.


I saw that post too and it went way up from that many comments. When I saw it, it was over 5000. Glad somebody finally said something!

woah man,, i dont really use redit fortunatly

I donno dude. As one blogger to another, it's hard to say virtually anything on the internet without someone somewhere calling you gay and being correct. Know what I mean?

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