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Monday, December 5, 2011

He's 60 Years Old.

WOW! I came across this video today and all I can do is look at myself in the mirror now and think.....Jeez man WTH happened to you! Whats your excuse? I have absolutely none. I'm a little chubbs (well ok I'm just a dam fatty now)but used to workout just like this guy and even then I wasn't quite as big as him. I just have to wonder......Does he ever hurt? Like have arthritis or something? He doesn't look like hes hurtin much from that little clip of him working out. Anyway I probably wont do a damn thing but sit on my ass, but this video did inspire me to want to start getting back into shape. So, Whats your excuse?


a lot of young man wish to have body like that!! Thums up grandpa!! :)

How this is possible, he looks at least 20 years younger!

A lot of it can be attributed to genetics. I know a few ppl that never work out but you wouldn't know it.

Wooow. I like to be like that man on 60 :)

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