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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm against Anti bullying

So there's a kid in Ohio who I guess had enough. Goth/Emo apparently. Alleged shooter T.J. Lane opened fire with a handgun just before 8 a.m in the schools cafeteria while the other students were having breakfast. After shooting a few kids the shooter took off and was arrested half a mile away near his car. Now I could be a dick and really say what I'm thinking. But I'm going to save it for another time. However I will say that this is yet another prime example of why their putting out so many anti-bullying advertisements. Some of which I don't agree with. Now I'm not saying that this situation would have been prevented by bullying (bullying is what their branding as why this happened) But maybe if we were teaching our kids to just fight against bullying, They would get their aggression out and that's that. Listen, we all dealt with bully's one way or another in our life's. I for one used to tangle ass all the time. I never once thought, Hey I'm gonna take the coward way out and shoot up a school. But I also had a lot of my aggression out by listening to my dad who gave me the advice to fight if it came down to it. I'm against all the campaign's against bullying. Not because I support bullying. But Because they teach you to go out and tell on the bully instead of teaching kids how to stand their ground and be a man. I was taught when I was a kid that no matter what I do, Make the decision that lets me look in the mirror the next day with my head held high!
How do you feel about this? For or against all the anti-bullying bullshit?


I haven't heard a lot of coverage regarding bullying and how it relates to this case. I think this case might cause people to take a more serious look at the effect on children of parents who have a history of criminal behavior. T.J.'s Dad was sentenced to four years for attempted murder.

Omg, what is happening with today's youth? Why so anger? Definitely for anti-bullying!!!

Works out for everyone! The bullies are dead and the goth/emo kid is arrested for being a pussy. :D

Anti-bullying is bullshit. All it does is gives kids a false sense of hope. When they grow up they will soon find that they can be "bullied" by the police, government, corporate powers, banking cartel, media, etc. Thoughts?

I don't condone bullying and it's definitely a negative aspect of people. Though believing that bullying can be eliminated is as silly as believing that world peace can exist. As long as humans remain so will the good and bad.

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